Healthy Food Recipes

Healthy Struggle

In our house hold we tend to struggle on the margin of healthy and junk food. It seems like everyday we learn something new about the food we eat, may it be good or bad. I tend to not trust most processed food. I don’t even trust processed salt and sugar, yet today’s market make the healthy things harder to get, and the food that is junk, cheaper. I get so exhausted sometimes I just don’t care and make junk or I`m pumped up to be healthy and make something healthy and delicious. 

Last night I made a awesome recipe {I made up} but had inspiration from recipes I have seen.

Orange Hash

Ingredients: 3 small sweet potatoes, 4 whole carrots, 2 cups Kale, 2 smoke sausages, 1 onion, Salt and pepper to taste ( I use Hymilayan pink salt), dash of Fennel seeds, and 1 cup water

Cut up potatoes, and carrots 1st and start cooking them. They take the longest to soften up. Brown them and then add the water to help soften. Add the onions, and then sausage and kale. Add the seasoning and then cook until potatoes and carrots are softened. And then enjoy.

I had mine over brown rice. I am currently breastfeeding and this is a great recipe to help your supply. My husband and 1yr old loved this recipe. Next time I make it, I am going to use more kale, and less pepper, and I`m going to use the water sooner. I put the water in until the end when I realized that the sweet potatoes and the carrots were not cooked all the way through. Its a easy quick recipe, except for the cutting. But hey cut them up bigger if you`d like. It would take longer to cook but less prep time. I have no idea what to call this so Im gonna call it my Orange Hash.